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Celebrate Calm Workshops Monday October 2nd- Free to PTSA Members!

NMS PTSA, as part of the Northport-East Northport PTA Council, is bringing "Celebrate Calm" Workshops to our community!

Over 600,000 parents have called Kirk Martin’s live events “practical, life-changing and laugh-out-loud funny.” Watch the video clip to see why.

Kirk will provide concrete, practical strategies to:
* Get your kids to listen the first time.
* Stop defiance, meltdowns, tantrums and arguing.
* Improve focus, attention, executive function, and organization.
* Get kids off video games/screens without a fight.  
* Create stress-free mornings, homework time and bedtime.

Please join us on Monday, October 2nd! There will be 2 workshops- one from 10-12 pm @ the William J Brosnan School on Laurel Avenue and another from 7-9 @ Northport Middle School.